Camille Denoix was born in the early 90’s in Paris but grew up in the south of France. She started shooting black and white film photography when she was 15, chiaroscuro style. The lazy afternoons spent up on a creek and the nights documenting the young punk scene.
To make her passion a real profession, Camille moved to Paris, studied photography and assisted numerous photographers, from independants one to the famous fashion photo studios, Pin Up where she learned organization, production, editing and team work.

Camille got hired by a video production company where she worked hand in hand with young directors, developing their roster and organising their shootings.

After two years, she realized that to help her expand creatively, she would pursue the field of graphic design, a different prism in which she feels free to express herself.

Studying in Los Angeles opened a new universe to her which help her widening possibilities of a new way of working at approaching problems and drawing solutions to it.
She now works as a producer and photographer in Paris. 

For work, questions, or collaborations, please get in touch.
Full CV and portfolio available on request.

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